Los Angeles Premier Trainer and Performance Coach, My mission is to focus on making you better in all areas, stronger, leaner, sharper, think of an upgraded version of yourself - with no limits - that is what we will achieve. Trust in your ideal, tell me your goal, and we will accomplish it.


When hiring a premium trainer, make sure the trainer walks the talk, practices what he preaches, and has experience in taking his body to the limits. You can only teach what you have done yourself, some things you need to experience. I love the challenge, I love to inspire people to be their best.


If you want to maximize the performance of your body and mind, you need to fuel it with the right foods hydration and supplementation. your nutrition is a staple ingredient to a successful life, gain the knowledge and plan to excel in your fitness journey, in your sport, in your profession.


Achieving your ideal body will increase the performance in all aspects of your life. I am coaching you to maximize your performance, your personal standards and expectations, to do more, to be more, to live more.


I am extremely grateful for every one of you - Very excited to meet you one on one and get to work. - Tamer Zada.


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What can I say about this guy? I am not exaggerating when I say that I have never met an individual who is more enthusiastic about maximizing his vitality than Tamer. He has inspired and trained me to optimize my own health, vitality and physical strength. There are a lot of things that make Tamer stand out.

Jerry Hansen

Tamer is not only a great trainer but he also knows a great deal about nutrition. I highly recommend him to everyone that wants to not only have a great body but also a healthy one.

Samantha Nyqvist

Tamer is an absolutely top-shelf trainer because he combines a set of skills and passions that are rare to find, let alone find all together.  He will help you "get it all together" -- nutrition, exercise, posture, lifestyle -- to support your health goals, not just temporarily, but long-term. He'll bring your attention to things you never thought of.

Richard Blomquist
CEO @ Jonas

Tamer is a top professional in this industry. I have worked with him for over 6 months. He is aligned with my body. He knows where to put pressure and where to ease it up. He is tuned and in touch with my whole body during the workout.

Jessy Jones