I have always had fitness and athletics at the fore front of my life.  It seems like, what ever phase of life I have been in, Fitness, Training, and Athletics have provided me with the Strength, Clarity and Confidence to perform. Simply put, top achievers in any field take their performance seriously, whether you use your athletic ability as a career choice, or as a means to provide you with energy and vibrancy to excel in your profession, your body and mind needs to be on point.  Theres something about improving yourself and challenging your self daily that provides you with that next level confidence, not only to get by in life, but to thrive, to dominate, to break through limits.

Personally, I have had quite the journey, my first love was… basketball, and I played religiously for 15 years, at my peak I was Athlete of the Year for my entire university, Captain of the Varsity Basketball Team ( University of Grant Macewan, Canada), ranked top in the country, and an Academic All Canadian.  I had a devastating ACL tear (twice) and the hoop dreams were over. I was studying Sciences, specifically Biochemistry, Nutrition, Psychology, so I decided to take my shot at training others with the knowledge I have accumulated.

I then went on to compete for the next 4 years in 10 professional fitness modeling shows around North America, while running a successful training business. I became obsessed with Aesthetic  & Athletic Performance; specifically altering training, nutrition, and supplementation methods to get the desired result, ultimately, to Win, on stage & in life.  I went on to place top 3 in the Country for Pro Physique contest, and top 10 in the World on a Las Vegas stage with the WBFF.

I decided that Los Angeles was the next step, I needed to take my skills and knowledge to the highest level, and now that I am in LA putting my ideas into action, I am more motivated than ever to help you get to the next level. I want to help you become your best self, to become a high performer, and if you already class your self as that, I want to make you better; and we will, get better, we will, improve.

I am very excited to meet and work with each and every one of you, no matter your goal, your current level of fitness, and your history, I am confident we will have a fun time breaking through limits,

Ask me any questions in the box below, I will get back to you shortly.

Tamer Zada

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